Below are links to some of the sermons from Pastor Cooper. You can click on the sermon title as a link to download a zip file containing MP3’s of that message. This collection of sermons will grow and change so revisit this page frequently.

Newly Added

Date Sermon Title Speaker
2012 December 9 A Measure of Faith Adam Cooper
2011 November 27 The Sent One Sanford Cooper
2011 October 30 Embracing a Great Salvation Sanford Cooper
2011 October 16 A Great Salvation is Fruitful Sanford Cooper
2011 October 9 Times of Refreshing Sanford Cooper
2011 April 3 The Great Salvation Sanford Cooper
2011 February 27 The Speaking of God Sanford Cooper
2011 February 6 God is a Speaking God Sanford Cooper
2011 January 9 Restoration to the Original Sanford Cooper


Date Sermon Title Speaker
2012 October 7 Salt and Light Sanford Cooper
2012 September 23 Believing Sanford Cooper
2012 September 2 Water Baptism Sanford Cooper
2012 July 1 Freedom Sunday Sanford Cooper
2012 April 15 God Showcases Faith Sanford Cooper
2012 April 8 Resurrection Power Sanford Cooper
2012 February 19 Have Mercy Andrew Cooper
2012 February 12 Knowing Your Capabilities Brad Patterson
2012 January 8 Worship Encourages the Prophetic Sanford Cooper
2007 December 16 Our Calling to Purpose II Sanford Cooper
2007 December 9 Our Calling to Purpose Sanford Cooper
2007 December 2 The Purpose of God Expressed Through Jesus Sanford Cooper
2007 November 25 God’s Idea of Our Significance Sanford Cooper
2007 November 18 Purpose of God Sanford Cooper
2007 November 11 God’s Passion and Purpose: Our Boldness Sanford Cooper
2007 November 4 God’s Sovereignty: Our Purpose Sanford Cooper
2007 June 24 Processing Relationships Sanford Cooper
2007 May 27 Seven Priorities to Habitualize Sanford Cooper

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A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame. (Proverbs 10:4-5, ESV)